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Are “Boat Tests” really accurate and unbiased? The answer is: Most often not, but they are still useful.
Whenever you see a “review” or “test”, it’s mostly marketing – paid for by the dealer or the manufacturer. A typical example would be looking at reviews from BoatTEST.com
Their videos are published as a “tests” from an “objective” captain. This is actually not the case. BoatTEST.com has built a large audience online over time, and they charge manufacturers for making “test videos” to show off new models. As long as test captains are making money from manufacturers, their videos will never be unbiased.
To give credit to BoatTEST.com, they make great videos and they always show functional features that are important for buyers. Just keep in mind that it’s more marketing than testing, and if there is a flaw or very unpractical feature on the boat that is being tested, it will not be mentioned.


Building a custom yacht might sound unnecessary and expensive when there are so many brands and models available to choose from.

The truth is: If it was not for the buyers who decide to have their dream yacht built for them, we would not have the designs, quality, and features we have available on mainstream brands today. Take a look at the history of Gunboat, founded in South Africa by Peter Johnstone 20 years ago. He was just a guy who liked to sail with his family, but he did not like to get seasick and sail slow.. So he founded Gunboat and launched the famous Gunboat 62 “Tribe” in 2002. To make a long story short, he is one of several reasons for catamarans to be so popular these days. Catamarans used to be considered slow, hard to maneuver, and unsafe. Today they are not. As technology is developing, so are desires and dreams.

Below is another example showing how dreams come true:
A buyer with a desire to build something new shows up at a shipyard with cash to spend. This gentleman also happened to have the willingness to fight everyone telling him that it “won’t work”.

The Hansteiger X1 might not be sold in large numbers, but the experience gained for the owner, designer, and builder will likely lead to more innovative thinking and more exciting project in the future.

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