New Yachts

Buying a New Yacht

If you are looking to buy a new yacht that is already manufactured and in stock at a local dealer in the US, or you want to order a new yacht based on a brochure – let me and my team do the legwork for you, so you can consider all alternatives without pressure, and with 100% unbiased recommendations. It will save you money and time, but also give you an experienced and unbiased partner that will be there for you during the process.

 Buying a new yacht is a big decision, and you are likely to be stuck with your choices for a long time.
Getting the right hull design, size, and the needed equipment and options is crucial for your future satisfaction.
Your decisions will affect all aspects of ownership and operation down the road, in addition to the resale value later.
If this is not your first yacht, you might not need any guidance and recommendations, but if you are unfamiliar with the purchase process and/or you are not 100% updated in regards to new yacht equipment/technology, you will appreciate getting unbiased recommendations before making a final decision.

Instead of spending days and weeks talking to multiple brokers and dealers (that will often give conflicting recommendations), let me use my network and do the work for you – so you can consider all alternatives from an unbiased party, and then decide what the best solution is for you and your family.

I know what margins dealers operate with, where to look for good deals, and how you can save money!

If you know exactly what you want, and you just want some help with terms and negotiations, I am happy to assist with that as well. That will secure you a fair deal and the best price and terms possible.


Experience means a lot – and making smart decisions will always tip the scale in your favor.

Why Choose

A yacht broker’s loyalty is split between the dealer, the seller, and the buyer.
My loyalty is not with a yacht dealer, broker, or a shipyard. I work for you, and only you.

Get the best price and terms possible

Avoid dead ends and endless phone calls

Only deal with 1 person from start to finish

Have all alternatives available from 1 source

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