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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Is it worth it to buy a yacht in another state or country and ship it to where I live?

    The short answer is “Yes, sometimes it’s very rewarding”. It depends on several factors. I have shipped boats to Florida from Europe, to New Zealand, Cambodia and other countries from the US. Let’s talk about it.


    Catamaran VS Monohull?

    The eternal debate, for decades.. There is one simple answer: It depends on what you prefer.
    Both are excellent options!


    Why is Carbon Fiber so popular (and expensive)?

    Carbon fiber is lightweight and strong. That is basically it. And if you are building something that needs to stay afloat, not break easily, and is being put under severe stress due to wind and waves, I think you see the reason. Where on the vessel it’s used, how, and why – that is a longer discussion I am happy to have with you.


    What electronics do I need?

    In today’s world, getting the right electronics seems to be one of the most important “must-haves”, especially for less experienced boat owners.
    The fact is that you really don’t need much. If you have a working GPS and a sensor measuring depth, you are set. But of course, radar can be nice to have as well if marine layer or fog is an issue where you are, or if you are out at night. Most electronic products are informative and useful, and I like having them. But my point is: You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the latest and greatest equipment unless you have a real need for it. Spend your money where they add value and safety instead.


    How much does it cost to own a yacht?

    That is a very common question, and there is no right answer unless you know exactly what yacht we talk about, we know the specs and condition of it, where it’s located, and how much it’s being used. If you know all this, please reach out so we can find the answer.


    Gas VS diesel?

    Both are great but very different. What you should choose is based on your wallet and how much you are going to use your vessel. There are more factors involved, new technology have changed the view on both gas and diesel engines in the last few years. I am happy to discuss this with you when you are ready to buy your next (or first) yacht


    How big does my boat have to be to cross an ocean?

    The truth is that you can cross an ocean in almost any size boat. If a vessel is built to handle bad weather, size is not that important. But comfort increases with size, of course. If you have a particular place you want to reach, or ocean you want to cross, please reach out so we can find you the right tool to do just that.


    Can I have internet on board?

    Absolutely. You can have internet anywhere. But the price for satellite internet is still very high (and it has some flaws), despite an increasing amount of vendors offering this service.  The most common solution for smaller yachts is to add antennas to be able to catch local wifi while in port. The good news is that we will be able to have internet anywhere for a low cost in the near future. We just need Elon Musk and his partners to speed up their current projects..

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