SV Delos

 SV Delos Sailing Around The World

10 years ago, I stumbled over a YouTube channel with 3 sailors leaving Mexico for the South Pacific. It was just a guy and his girlfriend, and the guy’s little brother flying in from the US to join them for the trip. “Nice enough,” I thought while taking a zip of my diet Pepsi. Little did I know… I watched that episode and the other 2 or 3 that was currently available, and I could not get these guys out of my head. The video quality was not great (ok, it was horrible), but I liked what I saw.
I have now followed SV Delos for 10 years, and I have witnessed their ocean crossings and wonderful adventures from my sofa, and I have occasionally chartered a sailboat and gone on some mini-adventures myself. Looking at SV Delos’ journey, I am impressed by their kindness, their ability to live in close quarters without extreme disagreements, and their humble personalities. Their videos reflect all this, and I am certain that their good hearts and their kindness to others is a big part of their very successful YouTube channel.

Lately, SV delos are being featured in several magazines, and the focus these days are on their independent and self-sufficient lifestyle onboard their Amel 55. If you are bored during the
Covid-19 pandemic, grab a cold beer, and check out their YouTube channel. It’s great!

Brian Trautman – somewhere in the pacific, SV Delos

SV Delos anchored

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