International shipyards

Below are some of many well known shipyards, known for producing pleasure crafts of all sizes. 

Beneteau Yachts is the largest boat manufacturer in the world. With their high quality manufacturing in France, a strong presence in North America with excellent after sale service, it is (and has been for a long time) one of the top selling brands. Both their sailboats and powerboats are popular. 

The Swift Trawlers from Beneteau, ranging from 30 to 50 feet, are very popular in the Pacific Northwest, Maryland, and Florida, and starting to get traction in California as well. The Swift Trawler 50 is their flagship, and the smallest one is 30 feet. They are all known for their stability and long range capability.
Their sailboat line is dominated by the Beneteau Oceanis series. Great sailboats, from 30’ to 55’.

Azimut Yachts was established in 1969, and they have grown to become a leader in the production of luxury flybridge yachts. Founded in Italy, Azimut’s emergence into the yachting industry started with selling boats of other well known yachting brands. Within their first year in business, Azimut grew quickly and its operations transformed into designing yachts.

Today, Azimut Yachts are known for their comprehensive range of yachts, from smaller flybridge motor yachts to large composite superyachts. Azimuts are famous for their beautiful Italian design. Manufactured to ensure comfort and safety at sea, Azimuts feature modern design and premium technology.

Bali Catamarans is a popular mainstream catamaran, build by the Catana shipyard. Catana saw the need for a cheaper version of their current Catana Catamarans, so they developed the Bali Catamaran brand. Their new brand made them able to compete with the other catamaran shipyards that were already manufacturing an increasing amount of catamarans for charter and private use. Bali’s main difference from other brands is their lack of a crossbeam between the hulls on the bow.  And instead of having trampolines, the area is filled in with a lounge area for guests. 

Lagoon Catamarans is the world’s largest catamaran builder. They have built catamarans since 1985, and their models are known for being practical and affordable. New technology and materials have made all catamarans lighter, and new designs have made them both look better and sail faster. Lagoon’s are commonly used by charter companies due to price and layouts, and many adventurers have sailed around the world in a Lagoon catamaran.

Carver Yachts was established in 1954. A Wisconsin manufacturer that is known for their Motoryachts and aft deck pilothouse models that was extremely popular in California in the early 2000’s, With their new designs launched in 2017, they have again a solid and modern range of yachts to offer. Their largest model, the Carver 53, is easily recognizeable with the plumb bow and sleep lines.  



Fairline Yachts was established in 1967, in Oundle, England. With over 13,000 boats built and highly regarded for British craftsmanship, Fairline has beem a trendsetting shipyard for decades. The Yacht Division at Fairline is a group of skilled designers and craftsmen that are known for their high quality and up-to-date design trends. Also worth mentioning is their advanced construction, and engineering techniques. Fairline Yachts are known for their performance, sleek styling – and admired for their flybridge, spacious living areas, and sophistication.
Sunseeker Yachts is another british manufacturer known for their elegant design and excellent craftsmanship. At the forefront of technology and engineering, Sunseeker Yachts are at the top of the pinnacle when it comes to manufacturing methods. And with a range from 44’ to 155’, they are able to deliver a dream yacht to anyone looking for luxury on the water.
Marquis Yachts. Established in 1954, Marquis Yachts is building luxurious yachts in Pulaski, Wisconsin, The Marquis shipyard is focused on every aspect of boat building, utilizing vertical integration. Marquis does not sub-contract to outside entities, but builds the majority of each yacht’s components in house, including the original tooling and molds.

Feretti Yachts. The Ferretti story started in 1968 when two brothers, both driven by a great love for the sea, started a new “adventure.” And within a few decades the Ferretti brothers were gaining international attention for manufacturing sleek and luxurious Italian yachts. Ferretti was introduced to the American market in 1994, with great results. The impact of Ferretti’s line on the US market was instant. Ferretti now boasts itself as the manufacturer of the most luxurious yachts available. Excellent interior workmanship, cutting-edge technology and production, and a comprehensive design process make Ferretti’s one of the nicest boats anyone can buy anywhere.
Feadshipknown as one of the leaders in customizations of mega yachts, and only few yards can compete with their quality and engineering. With a heritage dating back from 1849, and the official launch of Feadship in 1949, Feadship’s experience and effort have kept them a market leader for 270 year. The still to this claim that every Feadship built is the best Feadship ever. Feadship stands for “First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders”


Hatteras Motor yachts. Established in North Carolina in 1959, Hatteras is an American icon.
Starting off as a vision of a vessel that could withstand the harsh waters of Cape Hatteras, the first hull was manufactured just one year later by the owner and fisherman Willis Slane. This was the first all-fiberglass hull over 40’. What followed later is proof of the legacy, craftsmanship, design, and engineering that still is considered the brand’s hallmark today. Hatteras Yachts are known for their usability, durability, practicality, and quality. If a brand should every claim to the “best” brand out there, it would be hard to find reasons to deny Hatteras that title.


Ocean Alexander Yachts. After taking a boatyard as payment for a loan in 1973, Alex Chueh unexpectedly found himself in the boat business. He established Ocean Alexander in 1977. Now his son is running the business successfully. Ocean Alexander is known for their capable and durable seagoing yachts. Their new designs are stunning and practical. With high quality equipment and professional installations on a well-built hull, Ocean Alexander has a well-deserved good reputation among boaters all over the world

Horizon Yachts, established in 1987 by John Lu, who has a passion for luxury yachts and a love for the ocean. Since the beginning, Horizon has positioned itself as a leading yacht brand in the luxury megayacht market. Horizon Yachts is representing 30% of Taiwan’s export of yachts, and has elevated Taiwan as one of the world’s Top 5 luxury yacht building nations. Horizon Yachts has been awarded the “Best Asian Motor Yacht Builder” 6 years in a row and is the only Asian member of SYBAss (Superyacht Builder’s Association). With new innovative designs, more models available the last couple of years, this is a brand with a great future.

Sea Ray used to be one of the world’s largest manufacturers. But they cut down production to smaller boats only a few years back. They are still considered a pioneer in the use of fiberglass and composites, and Sea Ray’s innovations and designs put them at the top spot of the world’s boat builders for over half a century. The new and smaller boats from Sea Ray do still combine innovate styling, design, and advanced engineering concepts across their product lines:
Sport Boats, Sport Cruisers, Sport Yachts, and Luxury Yachts.


San Lorenzo Yachts, established in 1958, have gained popularity in the US the last few years. For good reasons. San Lorenzo Yachts are truly an Italian design, but with an American twist. They have realized that the American market is very different that the Mediterranean market, and have successfully implemented technical solution, designs, and layouts better suited for the American market.
This resulted in increased sales, and the brand is known for their attention to details, comfort, luxury feel, and modern interiors

Lurssen Yachts was established in 1875, and was initially building racing rowboats for local oarsmen in Bremen, Germany. They slowly grew production and size range but did not build a ship over 50 meters until 1962. And in 2015, the yard delivered the worlds longest private yacht with a length of 180.65 meters. Today, the yard is known for its brilliant design, very effective shipyard, and high-quality builds.

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