Electric Outboard
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New Electric Outboard engine

The Norwegian company Evoy revealed its lineup in 2020, with electric outboard engines up to 450 hp. The Norwegian company already has commercial contracts to work with, and with new models coming to life, they will be able to test their propulsion systems in some of the harshest environments in the world as soon as they get production ramped up. Their current 150 hp outboard is already on order. Early estimates claim that despite higher pricing than any gas-powered outboard, you will break even with a runtime of 350 hours per year (comparison is with Norwegian fuel and service costs). It is still too soon to tell how this manufacturer will do, but they show some promising numbers, and a road map taking them to 2023 with current budgets and plans.

One of their clients is a Norwegian cruise line with multiple ferries along the Norwegian coast, offering exploration tours in inflatables as well as cruises. The cruise line is aiming for zero emissions and says that the electric outboards will help them get there.

In November 2019, the company set a new world record with one of their propulsion systems, with a speed of 55 knots – breaking the previous world record of 51.3 knots. 


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