Denison Yacht Sales adapting to
Covid-19 shutdown

Denison Yacht sales have been around for a long time, and Bob Denison is well known for staying in touch with the yacht sales market. Even more so when it comes to internet marketing. The company’s marketing strategy has kept them one step ahead of the rest of the industry for many years. So when Covid-19 closures started slowing down the yacht market, Denison was the first dealer to adapt to the situation.
They have new safety routines for boat showings that include: Disinfecting after every visitor, a 3 day wait period between clients, and other strict and helpful policies to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

There is an uncertainty in the yacht sales market these days, and a potentially slower than normal season coming up. So it’s good to see a company like Denison take a step forward and lead the way for other brokers. Before the Covid-19 pandemic closed everything down, Denison Yachting sold more yachts over 100′ than any other company in the world. I am certain that they will manage the current situation well, and get back to business as usual again very soon.


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